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About Wind River Group, Inc. - a brief history

Tower - Wind River Group, Inc., Jim McDonald, ConsultantWind River Group, Inc. is the descendant of Electronic Systems of Denver, which from 1971 through the early 1980s provided a variety of broadcast, communications, control and cable TV systems. These projects have continued for over 35 years and included broadcast and recording studios, arena and theater sound systems, radio stations and a variety of integrated systems for schools, hospitals, commercial enterprises and multifamily residential complexes in the Mountain West.

In 1982, our business emphasis and name was changed, although management has remained the same and continues today to operate the firm. Field and consulting engineering services for broadcasters is now the major emphasis of the business.

In late 1990, we began publishing The Broadcaster’s BIGBOOK Project, which assists commercial and noncommercial radio and TV broadcast stations in their efforts to comply with FCC rules. Purchase of the BIGBOOK Project and continuing subscription to its support service provides invaluable assistance with FCC rules, industry news and technical requirements. In the recent past, we have added information useful to TV broadcasters to the project, which has saved broadcasters many thousands of dollars in forfeitures, legal and consulting costs.

Wind River Group, Inc. today continues to offer diverse engineering services for broadcasters. Preparation of FCC applications and the engineering services required to do so are chief among them, but systems design and regulatory technical support for broadcasters, certain commercial and institutional clients remains a key part of our operation.

We take great pride in our engineering alliance with Dr. B. W. St. Clair of the National Translator Association