FCC Caution


Some large fines for FCC violations recently increased.

The FCC's schedule of forfeitures is a mighty pricey document. Here's a copy for you to share with your staff (See same info online here).  Note the price of fudging a few political reports, of allowing your operators to stretch the EAS records a little or to forget your quarterly issues and programs report. These are but three of the dozens of possible violations that await the uninformed or "too busy" broadcaster. Whether enforced by complaints, by unannounced FCC field inspections or by "mock" inspections, the requirement to comply with the rules intensifies! Just knowing the fines is not enough...

The rules are constantly changing.

As part of our engineering practice, we make it our business to stay involved in all new rule and policy changes for our subscribers. The BIGBOOK Project we offer today has all the new rule changes right now - and will have all future ones for you as long as you keep it current. It's a lot more than a simple rules service. It speaks plain English - and explains FCC rules. Since 1990...your guidebook and time saver!

Our vigilance will keep you from being blindsided.

Because we are online with the FCC several times each day, you won't be caught off guard! We regularly alert our subscribers about FCC notices which are likely to bring changes to the industry. We use e-mail distribution of our support services and newsletter. We regularly send hot info to our subscribers and, most importantly, we remind you when and how to keep your Public File updated...one of the most crucial duties of any licensee! With BIGBOOK, you'll have time to plan and implement proper broadcast practices easily, quickly, and on time, because we give you an expert heads-up... every time.

Free year of support services.

We provide a free year of support service with each order. That includes the Executive Update newsletters, the news bulletin and reminder e-mails, the online and toll-free hotline and new tutorials/update pages as published...a value of $75.

You know we’re all required to comply with the FCC rules with or without the assistance of The BIGBOOK Project.... so why do it the hard way?

With it, you will save much time and not overlook anything. Your staff can run one station - or a hundred stations (we offer quantity discounts!) - in a sensible, predictable, efficient manner. BIGBOOK is the one compliance system that allows you to keep your files right inside it. It's the one system with a money-back guarantee! It's the one system you'll keep for years - the one that stays current for years. It's the one system actually designed with FCC assistance. It's the one system that will give you more bang for your payroll buck by putting an expert at your fingertips, but not on your payroll. I've been in the business for over 40 years and will personally assist you with your questions, technical or compliance problems.

BIGBOOK carries a no-questions MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

In sixteen years of publishing The BIGBOOK Project, we have had exactly one copy returned. That's right...one. Most of our subscribers stay with us year after year; a few of their comments are enclosed. Our newest edition is the most efficient, easiest to manage BIGBOOK ever...with improved software, color-coded volumes and contents, a simpler and more versatile layout ... and its at a 20% lower price than the first edition! If you don't like it, send it back for a refund. Period.

Call me directly at (800) 669-3993, e-mail me and I'll be happy to explain more. You can order with your VISA, Master Card, American Express or educational institution purchase order.

Be compliance - safe!

Start saving money and time this month.

Jim McDonald, Editor