Technical Services

Broadcast Technical services

CONSULTING: Wind River Group, Inc. provides technical consulting and FCC engineering services for broadcasters. These services include but are not limited to:

...Allocation and interference studies

...Complete FCC applications for broadcast services

...Application exhibits and supporting data

...Transmission plant design

...Coverage and interference studies, using
Traditional FCC curve techniques, and
Longley-Rice terrain dependent methodology

...Population counts, coverage and interference

...Coverage and inteference mapping

...Antenna and tower site research

...Tower registration, auxiliary license applications

...Proposal, agreement and grant technical writing service

...We take great pride in our alliance with Dr. B. W. St. Clair of the
National Translator Association.

SYSTEMS DESIGN: In addition to audio studios, control systems, telemetry and transmission facility design, a variety of smaller scale technical design services are provided. More information

FIELD SERVICES: Most Wind River Services are performed in our office or design facility. For construction and repair services, we can refer you to a qualified field technician, engineer or tower rigger. We do, however, do field technical inspections, FCC compliance inspections, due diligence and broadcast equipment valuation services.

TECHNICAL TIPS GALLERY: Methods, tips and techniques for broadcast engineers and maintenance personnel